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HIVE Festival 2021

HIVE Festival 2021 – Goa Party

Am 24.9.21 ab 14:00 – 26.9.21 bis 20:00.
An alle geflügelten Feierwütigen – Willkommen im wildesten Bienenstock des Sommers! Nach 1 1/2 Jahren ist endlich Schluss mit Langeweile. Wir freuen uns nach dieser Festivaldiät, endlich wieder zusammen auszuschwärmen und zu tanzen! Wie wir alle wissen, kommt das Beste zum Schluss und um das zu feiern, haben wir für euch eine wunderschöne Location in Tutow klargemacht, auf der euch ein noch nie dagwesenes Wochenende erwarten wird. Auf drei Floors erwarten Euch über 70 Acts aus aller Welt die mit den härtesten Hitech, Psytrance und Techno Sounds gebührend das Ende des Sommers einläuten werden. An drei Tagen und zwei Nächten werden euch hier die Ohren rasiert, denn wir beenden die Festival Season mit einem Knall, den man noch auf dem Mond hören wird!
Wie genau das alles aussehen wird und was euch sonst noch an Spektakel erwartet, erfahrt ihr im Lauf der nächsten Wochen. Deswegen bleibt dran und verpasst keine wichtigen Infos! So viel kann gesagt sei, es wird laut, es wird doll und es wird rumsen im Bienestock!
Wir freuen uns darauf, mit euch zu zelebrieren!
Eure Hive-Familie!

Phase 1 – Early Bees: 60€
Phase 2 – Late Bees: 70€
Phase 3 – Latest Bees: 80€
Abendkasse: Upon availability!
+ Advance booking fees
+ 5€ Garbage deposit


The Chill Hive will be created by no less than Napeia Arts. It is the perfect place to chill after intense dance sessions. The beautiful tent is a sanctuary for relaxation and to recharge your batteries to rock the dancefloor with fresh energy.

In times of the global pandemic, it is important for us to deal with the responsibility of such an event in a solidary and considerate way and to put the protection against infection in the first place and to consider the currently valid regulations. We have defined some rules in consultation with the health department of the district. These rules are always based on the current infection situation and we will always keep you up to date about any changes.
– All festival visitors will be tested regularly (antigen test) at the festival for the SARS-CoV- 2 virus.
– Mouth-to-nose coverings are mandatory in enclosed areas and places where a minimum distance cannot be maintained. This includes, but is not limited to, the box office and admission areas at the festival, restrooms, and store and food areas.
– Please pay attention to the signs and your fellow attendees. Also listen to the instructions of our crew members and try to create a safe space for everyone. Only if we stick to the rules a common togetherness is possible.

To reach the festival area by train please travel to the station „Züssow“. We will provide a shuttle from this train station. The shuttle times will be published before the festival.
Furthermore, we are in discussion with several bus companies, which will allow you to travel from your city. We will share all information about this with you in the next weeks.

🛒 SHOPS: 🛒
The festival area has a spacious area for various stores and food options. If you would like to be a part of the Hive Festival, please send us all the information using the form below:

There will be a hugh camping area.

To all winged party people – Welcome to the wildest hive of the summer! After 1 1/2 years, boredom is finally over. After this festival diet, we’re excited to finally swarm out and dance together again! As we all know, the best comes at the end and to celebrate this, we have arranged a beautiful location in Tutow, where an unprecedented weekend will await you. On three floors you can expect over 70 acts from all over the world who will celebrate the end of the summer with the hardest Hitech, Psytrance and Techno sound. On three days and two nights, your ears will be shaved, because we will end the festival season with a bang that will be heard on the moon!
How exactly this will all look like and what other spectacles you can expect, you will find out in the course of the next weeks. So stay tuned and don’t miss any important information! This much can be said, it’s going to be loud, it’s going to be loud and it’s going to be rumbling in the beehive!
We are looking forward to celebrating with you!
Your Hive Family!

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